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Chianti Classico

Family Winery in Chianti




CASA SOLA the story

Three generations in wine making, CASA SOLA WINERY was founded  in 1959 to create exceptional wines from one of Italian's higest quality wine regions. Driven by our family's passion for great wine-making. Our focus is on merging that vision with sustainable practice to craft wines that capture the essence of their environement, while improving its land .

A great wine begin in the vineyards - we assist it in its evolution progress


A unique geographical situation. 

Casa Sola is located in the western part of the Chianti Classico an area that - open to the mediterranean sea - has very distinctive caratteristics: in term of geology, soil, clima, vegetation.

This situation gives Casa Sola Wines a unique identity and make it a great choice for growing grapes

When combined with the Autenticity of our winemaking approach these factors give origin to Casa Sola outstanding wines:

✅ Autenticity obtained through a deep respect of the traditions and expert know-how

✅Quality obtained through a fine and meticolous work implemented and achieved over the last fifty year of management

✅ Environmentally friendly, with agricoltural methods that respect the environement.

✅ Non interventionist vinification methods


CASA SOLA the products

Some things unite all Casa Sola wines: they all have a vibrant, complex and intriguing character.

Experience and passion for great wine-making combines with the desire to preserve and enhance the blessed land that hosts us.

It offers us a superb Sangiovese, an elegant Canaiolo, a capturing Merlot, a powerful Cabernet,... each one with its own personality that we  blend searching to enhance the personal character of each of our wines. 

With every extraordinary bottle in our porfolio we invite you to become part of the ongoing history of CASA SOLA WINERY

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